Hello, helloooooo :-)

I'm Anne-Kathrin Koch (to make pronunciation easy, just call me Anna), I'm a certified non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and a relationship- and life-coach, and I teach individuals and groups how to create relationships - and therefore lives - that are happy, alive and successful.

The good news is: you don't need your partner or in fact anyone else to agree or come along.
Amongst others, I've been inspired by Dr. Chuck and Lency Spezzano, and I teach tools and principles that work, even when only one single person applies them. Therefore, YOU are enough.

My motto is: It takes two to mess things up but only one - as in YOU - for it to succeed.

If you're interested in workshops or private sessions (thank God for zoom!), or want to learn more about how YOU can create and have the life, the relationships and the happiness you want, contact me, I'm happy to help.

This is a little introduction video, it has English subtitles which you can turn on by clicking on the symbol on the bottom, right hand side.

As long as you're still breathing, it is not too late. It only takes a little courage and willingness. Don't waste time. Start now and enjoy!

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